Friday, June 17, 2011

Shoes for all, a premiere in Haïti

Shoes for all, a premiere in Haïti

THE FOUNDATION PYE ATE (bare foot of Haiti) has distributed 5000 pairs of shoes to school children registered in 21 schools in the metropolitan area of ​​Port-au-Prince. This distribution represents the first of its kind in Haiti.
From June 6th to 10th 2011, the foundation's whose objective is having the poor wear shoes chose to go uppermost in the schools for a first round of distribution. In fact, 21 schools in the poorest neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince were the first beneficiaries of this program.

It was with a great smile and satisfaction that the young went to choose a pair of shoes that suits them, good quality shoes, worthy of our children. A simple gesture, yet the farmers would go gardening barefoot; street children would spend their days without shoes,
that’s what the FOUNDATION PYE ATE wanted to remind us. This is the first Haitian organization to undertake such activity.

"This first massive distribution are simply the beginning of a prolonged engagement towards Haitian people" according the Chairman of the Foundation PYE ATE. The responsible announced other distributions aimed to other categories of needy.

The shipment of shoes for this first round of distributions is estimated at about U.S. $ 48 000. The Foundation PYE ATE works in partnership with Share Our Shoes (SOS) from North Carolina in the United States that collects new shoes and others in good condition from Haitians in the Diaspora and foreign friends of Haiti. “Thanks to the supports of the Ministry of Haitians Living Abroad  (MHAVE) and local private companies, these donations have been repatriated to serve the neediest "said the President of the Foundation ATE PYE, Mr. Fédrique PIERRE.

In the forthcoming days, the foundation will be serving people living in the camps, children in the streets and children in domestic service who will also receive their pairs of shoes. PYE ETA also plans to travel in rural areas where going barefoot is a custom for the farmers who can not always afford shoes.

Thus, the organization plans to distribute 50,000 pairs of shoes in different areas affected by the earthquake last January 2010, in Port-au-Prince and the countryside. This distribution will be held on the World Population Day on July 11th. Nearly 250 000 shoes will be distributed this year alone.

Wearing shoes is a luxury for many Haitians, and in some localities of the country, people just go barefoot. This is the custom in rural areas where people have nothing to protect the soles of their feet, even while plowing the fields. A situation that is responsible for the many diseases found in the provinces. Hence the scope of the humanitarian work that the new organization which is a concern to provide for the minimum.

With this first distribution, the foundation PYE ATE has been positioned as the unique Haitian organization proposing the neediest of the country.

The foundation PYE ATE counts on the collaboration of the Private Sector and the Government to facilitate logistics related to the different distributions ahead.   


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