Monday, June 27, 2011

FOUNDATION PYE ATE receives support from the Coach LeVelle MOTON

The foundation PYE ATE HAITI has confirmed this Friday, June 24, 2011 an agreement with the Coach Levelle Moton of North Carolina Central University who is the Official Spokesperson of “SOS” Share Our Shoes. With his lead roll with the shoe charity, He promises to help assist the Pye Ate foundation to collect 100,000 pairs of much needed back to school shoes for her upcoming distributions.

This contribution is intends to assist the foundation in its future distributions on the occasion of the new school year, on September.

Born of Haitian father, Levelle Moton is the current Head Coach of the men's basketball team of the NCCU (North Carolina Central University). He plans to organize collects and shoedrives throughout the North Carolina for the needy people of Haiti.

"I want to give back to Haiti a part of what I received from abroad," said Moton that promises to raise alone, 100 thousand pairs of shoes for PYE ATE through the Share Our Shoes program in Raleigh, North Carolina. LeVelle Moton is an official spokesperson for the organization, who has already sent over 20,000 pairs to Pye Ate.
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Founding President of the ATE PYE judges that this gesture is a valuable support for the efforts of that foundation. Mr. Pierre Fedrique said: "This act shows to us how the Haitian diaspora want to support the efforts of rebuilding the country and especially the project Education for All."

The Foundation has already provided PYE ATE distribution of 20,000 pairs of shoes for 5000 pupils, in more than twenty schools in the country. The distribution of 150 000 other shoes will be provided for the school year 2011-2012, in September.
The founding president says He counts on the support of the Haitian Diaspora and foreign partners willing to help to fight to delete poverty in Haiti.

               "Providing a pair of shoes is a simple act but reflects love to who gets it"

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