Monday, July 4, 2011


Haiti School Shoes

Pye Ate and LeVelle MotonHaiti has received 20,000 pairs of shoes for their Back to School Project from Share Our Shoes. Thanks to LeVelle Moton's leadership role with this Back to School Haiti Shoe Drive, we have been successful in assisting the Pye Ate organization in Haiti put shoes on the feet of 5,240 children so far. We (Moton, Pye Ate, and SOS) have been able to partner to attempt to reach our goal of 1 million pairs of shoes to Haiti. Through these video footages that Fedrique Pierre, founder of Pye Ate, personally brought in from Haiti to show SOS, you will see that there’s STILL an enormous need for our unused shoes in Haiti. Please aid us in putting shoes on the 20,000+ pupils still awaiting a pair in their size, so they may attend school safely and without the worry of not having shoes. We are confident through our partnership with LeVelle Moton, we will reach our goal of 1 Million pairs shared for 2011 !

A Special “Thank You” to LeVelle Moton, whose wholehearted devotion to this mission to provide shoes, has absolutely taken off!! We look forward to reporting our success for the upcoming “Back to School” in Haiti Distributions and hope that you will join LeVelle in collecting the shoes needed for September's Distribution on in to the end of this year! We are proud of our Official Spokesperson, LeVelle and know that we could not have done this without him.

Pyte Ate in HaitiAlso, A Special “Thank You” to Fedrique of Pye Ate Organization, who was referred to us through Samaritan's Purse back in January. Fedrique has headed up some of the largest distributions ever done on behalf of SOS by one person. He traveled ALL OVER Haiti, recruited volunteers, and distributed to 19 different orphanages in one week’s time. He has literally put the shoes that we raised on over 5000 children's feet himself. The pictures and footage below are from his efforts and we thank him VERY much! He has a huge heart and takes pride in his mission to cover bare feet in Haiti. Listen to his message below. He traveled to Share Our Shoes from Haiti, just to share it!

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